Get the Most Out of Your Free Samples

It’s always a nice surprise when you order that thing you ordered, especially if it’s a beauty thing, and in the box are little sample packets. As someone who loves trying out new things, these are always welcomed.

Like these from a beauty bag I got at Ulta. During the holidays if you spent at least a certain amount, you got a TON of these little samples. They hold these promos throughout the year.

Pretty much any company that sells makeup, skincare, and even haircare, will throw in one or two with your order anyway. But if you’re anything like me, it’s rare that I try something once and say, “I have to have it. I need it in my life.” I think I can name 2 products off the top of my head that happened with.

So if you get those little foil or bubble packets and find that you have some left over, there’s a way to savor the moment and make it last and last.

Behold! Little plastic cosmetic jars. I got these off of the Whish app for just a few bucks. They also sell them on I recently saw a box of 100 for $10. You can also wash out your empties if they come in something you can easily refill.

For example, here I have a sample card of Tarte’s Shape Tape. I’ve been wanting to try this stuff FOREVER. 

Take something that you can use to scrape as much of the product out as you can. An orange stick, a popsicle stick…get creative. Here I’m using a steel cuticle pusher and it worked wonderfully! 

And product in foil packets that won’t fit in jars…

These squeeze bottles are likely available at your local Target, Wal-Mart, etc. in the beauty aisle, around where you find travel-sized versions of necessities. You can also buy them on Amazon (what can’t you buy on Amazon?)

And while you’re there, if you find you might have trouble filling these tubes, I recommend picking up a plastic needle-less syringe to help transfer the product.

What are your tips for saving beauty samples? Comment below!