Product Crush – Pixi Rosette Palette

I’ve been on off and on just staring and drooling over this palette. Not unlike my high school crushes on a person, it was just admiration from afar, fantasizing about making a move to capture it. I had been doing the same with the bronzette palette as well, but that will forever be the one that got away because it was discontinued and sold out last I checked.

I made sure this one didn’t get away! Oh my, it’s everything you could possibly want in a full face palette. *fans self* 

The highlighters for the eyes are absolutely beautiful, especially if you’re into the more glittery, fairydust-like variety. You could really light up those peepers with just a touch on the inner corners of the eyes or along the bottom lashline, or go all out patted on the lid.

The day/night lid shades are two pretty rosey shades with a bit if shimmer that will give your eye look a little sumthin’-sumthin’ when you bat your eyes. I also love using them together on the lower lashline. They really bring the rose to the Rosette in this palette. 

The neutral crease shades are very easy to work with, but I gotta admit, I’m not really feeling the matte shade. It isn’t quite as pigmented or soft as the pearlescent shades. It definitely doesn’t show up pigmented on the lids though. For some reason it doesn’t like to swatch as nicely.

These three brow powders make customizing to suit your brow filling needs easy and convenient. They also make great eyeshadows if you feel like you’re lacking mattes in this palette. The light and medium shades give my eyes as very natural look, while the black shade does a good job defining my brows where I need it.

And the contouring shades are my favorites in this set. I really couldn’t get the camera to do these shades justice as they glimmered so magically in the setting sun. Word to the wise, the bronzer is SUPER. DUPER. Pigmented. Like I just lightly press my brush into the pan, tap off the excess, and go in with a very gentle hand. The blush and highlight are also high quality but not as excessive with the color payoff. 

What’s your #productcrush this month?